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USA Stopped Financing Its Army

us army soldiers prepare to board a uh 60 black hawk helicopter
The USA Department of the Army is among the three military departments of defense of the United States of America. It is the Federal government agency and the United States is organized in it and is controlled by the Secretary of the Army. He has legal rights to administer army affairs and issue regulations for its government, within the law limitations and with commands of the Secretary of Defense and the President.

For army finances of 2010, the budget of the Department of Army on overseas contingency operations raises up to $663.8 billion. When, in October 2009, the budget was signed by the President Obama, the final budget for the Department of Defense was $680 billion. Extra $37 billion supplemental bill was also passed in 2010, to assist the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The GAO said that serious financial problems of the USA Army had made financial statements in auditable.

Due to prolong defense system problems, payroll systems have affected thousands of soldiers and have left them underpaid while they are serving in the wars against terrorism. But the military is focusing on those who were overpaid, as many of soldiers who are now returning home have been alleged to be indebted by the Army and other military agencies. They are following these soldiers most frequently for debts they don’t even know about.

Government Accountability Office reported that round about 1,300 Army of USA was injured in battles and those soldiers who were either killed or left the army had almost $1.5 million military debts during the Operation of Iraq and Freedom deployment. Within this sum, about 900 injured soldiers had $1.2 million debt and about 400 dead soldiers had $300,000 debts on them. Thus USA conspiracy is to earn cash from their soldiers and has made their life a total mess.

Thus, hundreds of injured soldiers were trailed for accumulation of army debts burdened on them without any of their fault. Take the example of a 25, a retired staff sergeant who had lost his leg on a roadside bomb explosion and he is trying and spending to fend off $2,231 debt on him. The situation is worsening day after day for the USA Army as the US Government Accountability Office could not deliver a review on the financial statements of the 2010 US Government. London civilians are offered the services of  that range from household to office removals.